Which US companies buy seafood from the Hvalur Group?

Don't Buy from Icelandic whalers - BannerHB Grandi: Several North American companies have sourced seafood products from HB Grandi recently:

Vignir G Jónsson ehf ("Vignir") is 100 percent owned by HB Grandi. It sells fish roe products, including capelin roe, the tiny orange fish eggs popular for use in sushi. Vignir also exports cod livers, monkfish livers, and mussels. The following companies have bought products from Vignir in the last year:

Deris SA (Friosur) is 20 percent owned by HB Grandi. In 2012, Friosur bought out the Chilean salmon farming company Pesquera Landes, and in 2013, it signed an agreement with the AquaChile company allowing Friosur to use AquaChile's marketing offices in North America to promote sales of their products in the United States and Canada. The following North American companies have imported Friosur seafood products in the last year: